Tesla: The Self-Marketing Car

by Chris on July 4, 2014

Model S at cottage chargingAfter driving the Tesla Model S for about 3 weeks I’ve noticed that it attracts a lot of attention, and mostly when I’m parked. I’ve gotten used to the idea that when I get in or out of the car there are likley to be people staring at it, walking up close to it, commenting on it, and asking questions about it.

These people can be segregated into two categories. ┬áThose in Category A know about the Tesla brand, and have heard of the Model S electric car. Most of them have never seen one and get quite excited, but they understand the basic story. ┬áThose in Category B don’t know who Tesla is, don’t know that the car is electric, and are still just as curious because it’s a funky looking car that makes people very curious.

The magic is when people from Category A and Category B gather together to check out the car in a parking lot. The “A” folks start educating the “B” folks on exactly what they’re looking at. They explain the all-electric nature of the beast, and it’s incredible roller-coaster-like silent acceleration. They explain the embedded technology and supercharging capability that’s coming to Canada. They tell stories about Elon Musk founding PayPal and then going onto build Tesla Motors.

Tesla has accomplished the feat of building a self-marketing car.


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