Tesla’s Supercharger Plans Make Brilliant Financial Sense

by Chris May 30, 2013

My latest stock purchase was Tesla Motors, which I wrote about here. Thankfully I bought the stock at about half of what it currently trades. It seems like they’ve been non-stop announcing exciting things lately. Today is no exception. Today they announced a huge expansion of their supercharger network. Thinking back (not that long ago) […]

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US Senate Sticking its Nose Where it Doesn’t Belong on Apple’s Business

by Chris May 22, 2013

This week I spent some time digging into the accusations of Senators Levin and McCain regarding Apple tax avoidance.  Most people know that tax avoidance is perfectly legal (and every accountant will advise on how to accomplish it), whereas tax evasion is illegal. Anyway, I wrote a fairly opinionated piece, as is usually the case […]

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Tesla: The electric car revolution has begun

by Chris May 18, 2013

A while ago I bought shares in Tesla. Not a long while ago, but prior to the quarterly earnings announcement that sent the stock skyrocketing to nearly a hundred bucks. I guess that’s what happens when a huge percentage of the stock is short and the company proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that […]

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Apple and the Insanity of Wall Street

by Chris April 26, 2013

Looking at the headlines people are writing about Apple this week is a reminder of the Attention Deficit Disorder on Wall Street. People must make rapid fire decisions so the furthest they’ll usually look back (or zoom out) is a year over year comparison. I wrote about my thoughts on Apple and Wall Street in […]

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My Sub $300 Samsung Chromebook Experience

by Chris April 10, 2013

A few years ago I completely ditched Microsoft Windows in favour of Apple’s MacOS. It started the day I bought my first Macbook, which at the time wasn’t even a Macbook Pro. It was just the more business-like Black Macbook 2006 model. I paid about $1500 for it, ran BootCamp until I didn’t need Windows […]

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Will Facebook Home Even Matter Next Year?

by Chris April 5, 2013

I watched the live stream of the Facebook Home announcement yesterday. Pretty cool stuff. Reading through the comments people made about it reminds me of an important investing lesson. Good investors don’t look at their own particular use of a product to judge it. Often times it is the people to talk about investing, but […]

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No More Telemarketer Calls: 100% Success on VoIP.ms

by Chris April 1, 2013

Back in November I completed the process of porting our home phone number from Rogers over to an independent VoIP provider called VoIP.ms. I highly recommend them and I have all of my business and home numbers with them now. If you read the post I wrote about leaving Rogers for good, then you might […]

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I’m Investing in Whole Foods Market

by Chris March 19, 2013

Over the last several years I’ve become much more educated about what food I eat.  One of the biggest turning points for me was reading the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which my buddy Ryan gave to me as a gift a while ago.  I read it on vacation and couldn’t think about food the same […]

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Several months into Unblock-US and it’s absolutely flawless

by Chris March 19, 2013

A few months ago I wrote about enjoyment of US streaming media services. I had to pay $5 per month to get access to a special service that makes it all possible, but it’s been fantastic.  The service is called Unblock US, and it works perfectly.  I first heard about it from a friend who […]

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BlackBerry Z10 Gross Margin Analysis: Analysts vs. Amateurs

by Chris February 22, 2013

Most of the time the existence of the web is awesome. It puts people on a level playing field. It’s easy for any Joe Public to write something and get an audience. But when the uneducated write about financial topics and express their ignorance to everyone else, it isn’t helpful. Case in point, an author […]

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