Long Term: Can Microsoft Stay in the Consumer Business?

by Chris January 27, 2014

I admit that I was wrong about Microsoft … at least in the short term. In late 2012 I was very bearish on Microsoft just as I started participating in the Globe and Mail’s “Strategy Lab” project. I wrote a few articles explaining why I preferred to own Google and Apple rather than Microsoft. Turns […]

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Should you bother to read analyst reports?

by Chris January 16, 2014

If you invest in stocks you probably read analyst reports. Or at least you probably read summaries pulled from these reports in the financial press, right? So the question is … should you pay any attention to any of these reports? I answer that question in this week’s Strategy Lab column for the Globe and […]

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Apple is heading to $1000

by Chris December 11, 2013

Yup. That’s what I think. Just don’t ask me when it will happen or what the path will look like as it gets from here ($560ish) to there. This is the subject of the article I published for iMore.com yesterday, which you can read here. I was a sell side analyst for almost 11 years. […]

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Here’s what people think about the end of the PC

by Chris November 26, 2013

About 6 weeks ago I published one of my weekly columns in the Globe and Mail as part of the Strategy Lab project. The topic was how Apple may turn iOS into a PC replacement. You can read my column here. I firmly believe that PC sales are now in a long term decline. Many […]

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BlackBerry and the so-called “deadline” with Fairfax

by Chris November 1, 2013

Tonight has been a hilarious night of Twitter dialogue. In some cases friendly and in some cases more like a Twitter fight. The topic: BlackBerry.  Too many media outlets are representing Monday November 4th as some kind of looming deadline for Fairfax Financial to firm up their bid to buy BlackBerry.  It isn’t a deadline […]

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My latest article on Monsanto is making people mad at me

by Chris July 30, 2013

As part of the Globe and Mail “Strategy Lab” project, I write a weekly column on growth stocks. This week I took a break from the usual electronic technology area that I focus on. I wrote an article about Monsanto, a giant in the food business. You can read it here. It seems people are […]

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I just dumped my shares in Vancouver-based Coastal Contacts

by Chris July 24, 2013

A few years ago I made an investment in a Canadian small cap company called Coastal Contacts. In Canada they are better known under the banner Clearly Contacts, and their primary business is selling contact lenses online. I didn’t buy the stock until they expanded into the glasses business. I think they had a great […]

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Netflix Using Google Hangouts On Air for a Quarterly Call: Multiple Disruptions

by Chris July 22, 2013

Tonight Netflix announced its Q2 results. Netflix is not your average company. Most public companies hold the most horrendously BORING conference calls. They start by reading their press release to analysts and investors, which is a stupid waste of time. Then, after a while, they get around to taking questions and providing (hopefully interesting) answers. […]

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Is the Android OS too complicated?

by Chris July 4, 2013

Serious question. I am not an Android user although I generally love Google products and I’m also a (happy) shareholder. Here goes: Last night I was at a pub with friends. One of them, who we will call Paul (only because that’s his name) had a Samsung Galaxy S3. He used to be a BlackBerry […]

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So You Want to Time the Market?

by Chris June 3, 2013

Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing a lot about Tesla, which just so happens to have gone on rocket ride upwards after I bought it. Lucky me, however I don’t really trade stocks. I invest in them for the long term. When I bought Tesla I wasn’t timing the market. My profits are […]

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