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Thanks for visiting me here. Since you’ve arrived at the “About Chris” page I guess I should say something about myself. Here goes.

I’m a former sell side equity analyst. I spent just over 10 years on Bay Street in Toronto covering tech stocks at Yorkton Securities, which later became Orion Securities, until I moved to TD Securities in 2004. I left TD in January 2011 to take a “mini retirement” inspired by Tim Ferriss’ book, The Four Hour Work Week.  This trip, for myself, my wife, and my two girls, was the best experience we ever had.  10 weeks in the south of France.  Planning this trip (and lifestyle redesign) was a 4-year process that I am absolutely LOVING.

Prior to being a tech analyst I was an engineer for Nortel Networks, and before that, JDS Fitel (now JDSU). When I was working at JDSU I had absolutely no clue what optical components did. I just knew the company was making a killing selling them. When I moved over to Nortel I started to understand more about the components and the networks they were being deployed in. I got to work on a lot of really cool projects at Nortel, and the most important “stuff” I learned was about how big companies manage product development.

As a technology analyst and investor, my style is different from what drives Wall St. and Bay St. I tend to focus on longer term trends rather than short term trading opportunities. If anything, I like to take advantage of short term volatility when I believe that the movement goes against the long term value of a stock.

I believe that you make money as an investor by figuring out what the “market” believes (as an average) and then deciding when the market is making a huge mistake in its long term thinking. This means being willing to swallow big volatility and periods of being wrong on some battles, to still come out as a winner in the war.

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Consulting with Chris

Since leaving the sell side I divide my work time across a number of projects including consulting & communication strategies.  My clients have included technology companies and institutional investors.

Buy side investment consulting:
Buy siders can find me on the GLG expert network or the Guidepoint Global expert network. .

Public company consulting: Most Canadian public technology companies do a horrible job of communicating with investors.  Generalist investors are completely confused about what you actually do.  Communicating with this bunch is important if you want their attention and I can help.  I’m an expert at boiling down complex technology into everyday English.  I’m an expert writer and video producer for marketing / educational videos.  In case you haven’t noticed, video is a little bit important these days.  It makes a difference.  Contact me to learn more.

I won’t work with any company.  I’ll only work with companies who understand the value of meaningful communication.  That is, communication that really engages with other people and doesn’t bore them to tears.

I can work with you on:

  • Press releases that actually make sense to people
  • Video production to explain new products or services to your investor audience (while still being useful to customers)
  • Sensitive topic consulting ahead of conference calls (Stop ignoring the elephant in the room.  Analysts aren’t stupid, and you’ll only suffer if you are not prepared for a call)

I can’t work with people who:

  • Refuse to think of communication as an art form
  • Don’t care about doing a good job conveying information
  • Prefer that press releases and conference calls be utterly BORING
  • See investors as a pain in the ass who waste your time
Karolina January 24, 2011 at 3:18 pm

Its so sad to see you go! It sounds like youre doing something that is much more enjoyable for you – wish you all the best!

David Hodgson January 24, 2011 at 3:22 pm

Hey buddy, what’s going on? I’ve been away so surprised by the move. If you have some time, give me a call and let me know bro.


Mathieu Richard January 24, 2011 at 6:37 pm

Hey Chris!

I was surprised by your move but totally get it that a free spirit, out of the box thinker would want to have freedom of mind!

Keep on the good work!

Amy February 10, 2011 at 8:57 pm

Hi Chris – Good luck with everything! I wish you the best.

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